Free Speech for ALL! (Except Teachers)

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Apparently, the 1st Amendment right of free speech applies to everyone – except teachers, that is. Well, at least in Clark county, anyways. A Nevada school teacher had her Facebook page shut down after being labeled a supposed ‘racist’ for her position on the confederate flag debate.

Anyone that has any involvement in government or school is under a ridiculous amount of pressure to carefully balance the scales to be politically correct by removing all signs of the Old South from view – ANYWHERE- after the recent racially motivated, hate crime in Charleston. Nine black folks were killed.

Dylan Roof is the alleged perpetrator in this heinous crime against humaity. The 21-year-old liked to pose, among a variety of things, with a Stars and Bars in his Facebook photos. Liberal logic dictates that we all INSANELY overreact to this, by banning all signs of the Confederacy from sea to shining sea.

Like many people, Tanya Russo Landry, a teacher at Booker Elementary School, thinks that this is all a bunch of hooey:

allen west

Pertaining to the Confederate flag, Russo posted to Facebook that “I totally think it should not be taken down as history is history.

“I lived in SC for 10 years and looked at the flag as part of its history … not hatred. I’m so tired of everyone being offended by the smallest things. We live in America for freedoms, not making sure everyone is not offended,” the post continued.

“Is taking a flag down really going to solve our nation’s important problems? I highly doubt it. I’m so tired of feeling ‘blamed’ for things because I’m white.”

Then Landry got into her thoughts on Black History Month, slavery, and the apparent double standard surrounding racism in America.

“As a teacher I often keep my opinions to myself, but I’m tired of being the same way with adults. I’m offended because I don’t get free college because of my color. Slavery is over and has been … I had nothing to do with it neither did any of my immediate family.

“I’m tired of these ‘history months’ as it all should just be celebrated together. If I pull a race card I’m racist, but if a black pulls a race card we pucker our a**** and get scared,” Landry wrote, according to the news site.

“Isn’t it about time we just act like Americans in America and treat everyone equally? Don’t like my post, tough shit. It’s my freedom of speech and I’m allowed to say what I wish. Don’t like it, I hurt your feelings, delete me please cuz I’m not holding my tongue anymore for whiny a** bi***es. Throws the mic down and walks away.”

The post didn’t sit well with some residents, some of whom insinuated Landry is racist in online posts.

“It kind of made me wonder, what kind of an impression is she setting on fourth-grade kids, or any kids in general to really feel that way about the flag,” Shawn Oates told Fox 5.

Oates believes teachers should be held to a higher standard for their comments because they’re teaching kids.

“You have a very important position as far as raising our youth,” he said. “You have to be cautious on what you say and how you articulate your views.”

Look, in no way am I a racist. I am not a slave owner, nor a descendent of one, and guess what. folks? No one living today in America is or was a slave, and same for slave owners. There may not be a whole hell of a lot that I know, but a flag represents NOTHING living black Americans suffered for, OK? There is no reason to be offended by a proud, American region flying a flag that represent a bloody war in which entire families perished. They have a reason to be attached to a flag carried into battle. A flag that maybe their great-great-great grandad carried and died holding. Think about that for a moment.

While I may not agree with things people say or do, and I often write my opinions on such matters here, and while I find some things distateful or even out right classless – I will defend to the death your right to say what you want.


Because our founding fathers gave us certain unalienable rights.

Because you are protected in America to say what you want, when you want, in the format you want. Now, no promises that you won’t get arrested if you get TOO crazy, but you have the right to your opinion, and the freedom to say it.


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected], because free speech is a thing in America.

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