Fascist Left-Wingers Trying to Force GM to Drop Kid Rock


And the final tally in that fight is:

Kid Rock 1,

Fascist Left-Wingers (Al Sharpton’s National Action Network) Zip, Zero, Nada, Bupkis

It’s also Fascists ZERO, American People 1!

If you missed it, here’s the big flap. Apparently Kid Rock, a Detroit native who still lives in Detroit, has some Confederate battle flags in his acts, and in his museum in Detroit. Al Sharpton, Our Reverend of the Perpetual Victim, got bent out of shape and demanded that the flags be removed from his museum and also demanded that GM drop their sponsorship.

Turns out Kid Rock isn’t a Congressional Republican who would be censored by the leadership for not doing what Al asked. Kid Rock is testosterone enabled.

Here’s a segment with Megyn Kelly talking about his response to Al.


Pretty clear. No mistaking his intent.

And somebody at GM apparently doesn’t think much of Al either.

DETROIT (AP) – General Motors says it will continue sponsoring Kid Rock’s summer tour despite a Detroit activist group’s request that the automaker cut financial ties with the musician if he displays a Confederate flag during performances.

The National Action Network and representatives from GM’s Chevrolet brand will meet this week.

Kid Rock, who was born Robert Ritchie, has been criticized in the past for displaying the flag on stage.


GM spokesman Patrick Morrissey says only the American flag has been on stage during Kid Rock’s summer concert tour.

Kid Rock either didn’t respond to the AP’s request for a comment or his comment wasn’t printable.

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