EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter Book Signing Chaos: Protestors Scream Profanities and Assault Customers [VIDEO]

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“Peaceful” immigration protestors at an Ann Coulter book signing event screamed profanities, harrassed customers and tried to assault the best-selling author in Costa Mesa California Wednesday night.

Out of serious concerns for her safety, Ms. Coulter’s planned speech was shut down by authorities, but the book signing went on, with hundreds of fans, waiting for an autograph or photo with Ann, whose new book “Adios America” just hit the New York Times best-seller list.


After successfully infiltrating the Barnes & Nobles in Costa Mesa, a flash mob gathered and began running in circles around the store, assaulting customers and screaming profanity-laced tirades and chants.


Southern California Congressman Dana Rorhbacher, who was in attendance was dissapointed in the mostly hispanic crowd who had come to disrupt the event and shut down the appearance. Many of the protestors screamed “go back to Europe” and “Fu*k White People” – among other profane outbursts.

People leaving the store with their signed books were met by another crowd of protestors who spit, screamed and hurled bigoted insults toward them.

Customers report being pelted with garbage as they walked to the parking garage.

“Go back to Europe as*hole”; “Fu*k you whitey”” ; “Kill Ann Coulter” ETC.

Two protestors were able to break through the tight security and nearly assaulted Ms. Coulter before bodyguards could subdue them and security removed from the event and authorities eventually escorted Ms. Coulter down a back fire escape to avoid the angry mob on both floors of the bookstore.


These are not just ignorant protestors trying to shut down free speech. These are Democrats and future Democrats.

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