Elementary School Aide Bought Lube En Route to Secret Meeting with 11-Year-Old Student

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An elementary school teachers aide told police that she was infatuated with an 11-year old student after being caught red-handed by a detective.

Alecia Dotson exchanged over 100 text messages that became more and more sexually graphic.

The boy’s mother discovered the messages June 28th.


The mother called police, who were at the family’s home to investigate the allegations when Dotson allegedly sent another text. “Love bug what are you doing?” it read. She asked to take the boy to the library and said “I’ll be sure to tell her we won’t have sex on the first visit … LOL,” according to 10 News.

Investigators with the Lakeland Police’s Special Victims Unit launched an investigation and confiscated the cell phone, but the next day Dotson was allegedly back at it, WPTV reports.

“Are you awake love bug?” Dotson allegedly texted June 30.

Officers decided to play along, and set up a meeting with Dotson at the Cinemark Movie Theater for sexual activities. On the way to the theater, police allege Dotson – a married 45-year-old mother of three – purchased a bottle of strawberry-flavored warming lubricant at the Lakeland Mall.

“She went to Spencer’s. She ended up buying a product to use during that sexual encounter, showed up thought she was meeting him and, surprise, it was a detective,” Lakeland Police spokesman Gary Gross told WPTV.

Dotson was arrested on site and charged with a litany of offenses including two counts of attempted sexual battery on a child under 12, use of a computer to solicit a child, traveling to meet a minor, and unlawful use of communications, 10 News reports.

Dotson allegedly told detectives her relationship with the victim evolved from “mentorship” to “crush” to “romantic relationship” over the previous three weeks.

An acquaintance of Dotson’s told WPTV her arrest will impact many people including her own family.

“This woman has a family, and that’s the hard part,” Claudia Shultz said. “She wasn’t just lonely and sad all by herself. She had a family, so it’s sad for her family as well.”

School officials immediately suspended Dotson without pay and plan to recommended termination at the district’s next board meeting July 28, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

This lady is lucky she didn’t pick on one of my kids, because I would have busted her a new one in the face. What a sick, twisted freak. I hope this gal gets the book thrown at her, but it still won’t be enough to make up for her victimizing a child. Hell has a special place for you lady- oh yes it does.


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