Duck Dynasty Star Goes off on Donald Trump: You’ll be Surprised:

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Willie Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, is no stranger to the spotlight, Republican politics, or running a business. What he has to say about Donald Trump may be just a bit surprising for some:


Willie Robertson, star of the reality show “Duck Dynasty,” appeared on “Fox & Friends” today to discuss his book, American Hunter.

Naturally, the conversation quickly turned to the 2016 presidential election. Robertson was asked what he thought about the recent spate of colorful comments spoken by candidate Donald Trump.

He loved one in particular:

“It’s like the wild, wild west out there,” he said.

“When (Trump) dropped the cell phone number, that was the best thing I had seen.”

“He’s calling out the, perhaps, hypocrisy in some of this.”
It must be noted, however, that the reality television star doesn’t support Trump for the Republican nomination.

That honor goes to Governor Bobby Jindal:

“Great guy, Christian man, just a smart guy,” he said. “I like what he stands for, where he’s at. I’ll be with him.”

While he doesn’t endorse Trump, it is still nice to see that he respects him as a business man and as a peer. Such a nice, humble, respectable family. You gotta just love the realness.

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