Donald Trump Silences Heckler at FreedomFest [WATCH]


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, currently focusing on illegal immigration, is drawing equal numbers of supporters and opposition.

As usual, the Donald is NOT backing down- and he has a few choice words for those who think they are smarter than he:


When the American businessman and television personality was at the FreedomFest in Las Vegas on Saturday, a man yelled, “There are illegal immigrants that are horrible and terrible. There are also legal immigrants who are horrible and terrible.”

Trump yelled back, “Ask a question, please. Did the government of Mexico ask you to come up here and say this?”

The man, who was from Mexico, then asked if Trump was planning to build a wall around every American state “to prevent a lot of those rapists and killers that come from elsewhere.”

The Mexican man was referring to Trump’s earlier remarks that Mexico was sending the dregs of its society across the border to America.

Defiantly, Trump answered, “I would build a wall between our country and Mexico because people come from all over the world … I encourage legal citizenship.”

He added, “I don’t encourage where a government forces some people in that the government doesn’t want — and these people wreak havoc on our population.”

Burn, Trump, burn, I love his quick cut down on this ignorant blowhard who is holding up a line with real people asking real questions. Just priceless. check it out for yourself:

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