Dead Beat Dad Rapper DMX Gets 6 Months for Not Paying Child Support

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Earl Simmons, AKA DMX, AKA Lame rapper, has been given 6 months in an upstate New York jail for failure to pay child support.FILE: Rapper DMX Arrested For DUI

What a classy guy. Or ‘baby daddy’, as you may prefer.

According to Page Six, DMX was arrested right before his scheduled performance at ­Radio City Music Hall on June 26 over several “issues outstanding,” authorities said.

Those “issues” included $400,000 worth of unpaid child support, a warrant issued by the city of White Plains for bail jumping and a robbery complaint out of Newark, NJ.

Wow. I have to say, I am so jealous of this lady who managed to get pregnant with this loser’s child. Way to go. I can totally see how you would want a relationship with such a stand-up guy. The person, or people that we should feel sorry for is the children. They had no choice but to be born to the parents they were given. Perhaps jail will be the wake-up call that DMX needs to pay his child support and help his children.

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