BREAKING: Uber Suspends Operations!!!

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You read that right. Uber, the ride sharing company that has taken the world by storm is suspending operations. Here’s the story .

For now it’s just in Broward County Florida, but what if you woke up tomorrow and Uber was out of business in your area? Would it matter to you? It would sure matter to me. I’m an infrequent Uber user, but their rates are half the local cab companies, the drivers are neat and well dressed, the cars are immaculate, the drivers are polite, have bathed the same day they’re picking you up, and they speak regular, good old, standard English.

Here’s just a taste of what people in Broward County are saying …


As several people noted in the comments, this is all about the Commissioners being paid off by the taxi companies. It’s also about the eternal quest by government officials for P.O.W.E.R.

By tomorrow it’s going to be really nasty. I can’t wait for the next County Commissioners meeting. It’ll be standing-room-only, and I’m guessing they’ll have tar and feathers.


The Commissioners are about to find themselves living “in interesting times.”

We’ll be updating this story as it gets nasty.

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