Be A Friend Onto Yourself

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I want to convince you of your own goodness as I am slowly being convinced of my own. One way to discover your innate goodness, you are created in God’s image after all, is to stop judging; others of course, but especially yourself.

Christ said, love your neighbor as yourself.” Now if he lived in our modern era–he will exist forever in spirit and may walk the earth in many guises– he would probably have said, “love others as you love your dog.” Let’s face it, some people are good at hiding it, some are not, but many in today’s world are full of self loathing and condemnation.

Someone at some point in your life told you were good, at least I hope so. When it was said to me I would think,  “Thank you, if only it were true. One of my many sins, which is on the mend, is a cruel tongue. I was reflecting the other day and thought, I have mocked every single person I have ever met either openly or subtly.

Now, with my group of male friends this is considered normal behavior and they give as good as they get. But once in a while I could tell I hurt someone’s feeling, sometimes profoundly. When that would happen I would feel shame for days, weeks even, with suicidal thoughts flashing by occasionally.  I was judging myself in the worst possible way and I am sure many of you have done the very same thing.jesusshame

You are a child of God, not born of sin; but lets face it we all fall short of Christ’s glory.  We sin quite often every day in small and sometimes big ways. God knows this already and will forgive you if you ask him. The question is can you and will you forgive yourself?  You must answer this in the affirmative otherwise there in no hope for the joy Christ promises.

Now a lot of Christians don’t read any other spiritual material except the Bible and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Myself, I read all sorts of spiritual material and have found it helps me understand Christ’s teachings at a deeper level.


The Tibetan Buddhist’s have a phrase I like. Roughly translated it means: Unconditional friendliness toward yourself. If I was to translate into Bible speak, and I am going to, it would go like this: Be a friend onto yourself.

Holy-BibleWhen you start to grasp that you truly are good a miracle happens, you actually start to feel good, joyful even. Then it becomes so much easier to spread God’s message of love and compassion, because you actually feel like doing it. Life becomes a joy, not a chore or a drudge.

Hobo John here, I love you with everything that I have. That is my motto, my mantra and the truth of things. I am here to tell you, you are good in every way, despite your many sins. Once you grasp this your list of daily sins will get shorter and shorter until they completely disappear and you are dwelling in the Kingdom of Heaven that dwells within.




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