Armed Citizens Protecting Military Recruiting Offices

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Barack Obama has responded to Muslim terrorist attacks on military recruiting centers by telling recruiters to run and hide from the enemy.

Marines are supposed to be wearing civilian clothes and they’re supposed to keep the blinds closed on their offices. You have to knock to get in.

Mr. President, keeping the blinds shut won’t stop this. But somehow I doubt that stopping it is your goal? I’m not alone..


Recruiters should be armed and their recruiting centers should take down the “gun free zone” signs that make our military recruiters sitting ducks for Muslim terrorists.

Around the nation many civilians are taking up the “call to arms” to do the job the President won’t allow our trained men in uniform to do for themselves.

Barack Obama’s military command structure is worthless. The idea that Marines would rely on “first responders” is a joke. The 911 first responders in Chattanooga showed up just in time to rope off a crime scene with five trained but unarmed murder victims bleeding out.

Thank you to all US citizens who are showing up to protect our recruiters. And Mr. President, damn you for your neglect of our military.


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