Angry Scumbag Democrat Congressman Calls Murder of White Girl By Illegal Alien “A Little Thing” [video]

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Luis Gutierrez is a Democrat congressman from Illinois who represents Mexico. That’s satire – the rest is not.

He also represents the people who want amnesty for about 15 million illegal aliens in the US, many like the criminal who murdered Kate Steinle in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

These are truly evil people with bad intentions: Scroll down for Video:11



BELOW is video of Gutierrez echoing his condolences to Kate’s family.

Listen closely and read the interpretation underneath:

Got that? Gutierrez said, in Spanish, “Every time a little thing like this happens, they use the most extreme example to say it must be eliminated.”

“LITTLE THING? WTH? Please, please, please give Kate Steinle’s dad, brother, boyfriend, neighbor – whoever – FIVE MINUTES ALONE with this scum.

Gutierrez should be deported for being a douchebag. I dare you to say that IN ENGLISH, Luis… you coward. You frickin’ lying, loser, Obama-loving turncoat.

Gutierrez is no different than Muslim terrorists who say one thing to the media in English and something else entirely to their fellow Muslims in Arabic.

Congressman, there’s a reason why 62% of Americans oppose Sanctuary Cities. It’s because of the illegal alien scum you love so much.

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