America Is Under Attack and It’s An Inside Job: A Must-Read!

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It’s no secret that America is becoming a country that is unrecognizable to many.

From our politicians to those on the left, the issues that most people would have at one time agreed upon as being morally inappropriate or illegal, are now up for debate.  There exists nothing in this country anymore that can be gauged as the “norm” for Americans to follow. If you don’t have a strong moral compass at this point, it may be too late.

Today, America is being destroyed at its very core by those who claim they are holders of the “the truth” but instead intentionally ignore what is profoundly important to most Americans.

planned parenthoodTake for example the latest alleged egregious acts of Planned Parenthood who was secretly videotaped by an organization, Center for Medical Progress, while apparently discussing the sale of babies’ body parts which if proven, is a violation of federal law. A charge Planned Parenthood adamantly denies committing.

Instead of focusing on the forced funding of abortions by American taxpayers and the devastating loss of life each year by organizations such as Planned Parenthood, we are instead directed to focus on the hurt feelings of Planned Parenthood’s director.

Planned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards, possibly fearing a loss of revenue from many sources, immediately took to the airwaves to blame the filmmakers for interviewing her doctors in an undercover operation.

Richards was recently interviewed by George Stephanopoulous of ABC News who is a longtime friend of the Clintons. As you may also recall, former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award in 2009 while expressing her admiration for the founder of the organization.

While apparently having been offended by the filmmaker’s audacity to speak with “her” doctors on the subject of money in exchange for babies’ body parts, Richards wasted no time in lambasting the Center for Medical Progress.

“This is a three year well-funded effort by the most militant wing of the anti-abortion movement,” Richards said.  She went on to claim that the videos were “highly-doctored” and done to “entrap doctors.”

Richards wanted to make it clear that Planned Parenthood doesn’t “profit” from fetal tissue donations and that fetal tissue research is an important element in “saving the world,” my words, not hers.

She also wasted no time in maligning the videographers while offering no proof for her accusations.

Richards accused the filmmakers of being a part of the “militant group” that has participated in the “bombing of clinics and murders of doctors in their homes and churches.” Does she have videos to prove her claims?

Does anyone else see the irony in Richards’ statements about “murders”?

She also claimed that the “most disgusting part” of the videos is that videographers “lied” to gain access to doctors.

What has happened to us as a nation, as human beings, that we would stand for those that “report” an alleged wrong to be blamed rather than condemning those who would “commit” an apparent wrong?

We have all been silent for too long!

planned parenthoodAnd how did we ever elect representatives like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who appear to care more about their careers and being the GOP water carriers for President Barack Obama than they do about the American people’s interests?

This past weekend’s actions taken by McConnell not to defund Planned Parenthood were appalling. If saving the lives of babies was truly his priority and if the voice of Americans meant anything to him, then McConnell would have jumped on any opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood.

And yet, instead, McConnell deliberately blocked an attempt by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) to defund Planned Parenthood even though the American people were and are still calling for it.

Lee had tried to make the proposition to defund Planned Parenthood an amendment to a must-pass highway legislation but McConnell would have none of it.

planned parenthoodInstead of helping Lee, McConnell chose to impose his own will upon the People by using a tactic called “filling the tree” that he had once opposed when the strategy was used by Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, to block Lee from speaking about defunding Planned Parenthood.

The process used by McConnell, allows the “leader” in control of time allotted for amendments, namely McConnell, to load the time all for himself in order to prevent others from bringing important issues to the floor. The process essentially crowds out those wishing to speak about important issues and call for a vote.

Many conservatives were angered by McConnell’s lack of respect for the will of the American people.

Never being one to mince words, popular radio talk show host Mark Levin called for Boehner and McConnell to resign for the “good of the country and the Republican party.”

“The nation and GOP are both suffering as a result of the unwillingness or inability of McConnell and Boehner to effectively defend either,” said Levin.

Levin’s viewpoint was “preaching to the choir” for many.

Most Americans echo the sentiments of Levin because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of these two career politicians who say one thing to the public and do another thing behind closed doors with Democrats, especially President Obama.

planned parenthoodAmericans have had it with Boehner “punishing” junior senators for trying to do their jobs in representing the American people by promptly removing them from committees or by making sure they can’t attend scheduled trips out of the country as part of their Committee duties in Congress.

But of course we know a respectable Speaker would never stoop that low or be that petty, right?

McConnell and Boehner act as though they answer to no one and unfortunately, they are right!

We haven’t stopped them and we haven’t joined together as a Party to call for their resignations, as Levin has suggested. It’s as if we are hoping it will all just go away or that someone else will do it.


We must hold them accountable to do the right thing. If we don’t work tirelessly to save this country and turn what’s left of it around then all will be lost.

Sound a little dramatic? Look at where we are today.

We currently have a Department of Justice and an Attorney General in California investigating an undercover operation by an organization who purports to show evidence of Planned Parenthood selling body parts in violation of federal law and as if that wasn’t insane enough, we in turn have two members in Congress refusing to defund the abortion machine.

America the trumpet has sounded!

We have allowed our societal standards to fall far below the levels of decency in some areas.

We can’t continue to be a party to our own demise without reaping the consequences that come from being disengaged.

Even though we may not have caused the decline, we are charged by all that is good and moral, to stop the unrelenting decay by any and all legal means.

Americans must do battle with the progressive machine because our country’s future depends upon it.

The time to be offended is over. The time to stand is now!

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