You’ll Never Guess What Was Under a Mexican Drug Lord’s Bathtub [PHOTOS]

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Right out of a summer blockbuster Hollywood script, the story of a Mexican drug lord’s secret underground tunnels beneath a false bathtub in his home are unbelievable.

The intricate tunnel system wound it’s way through the drainage system of the city and was designed as an escape hatch from authorities.

For 13 years, Mexico’s most powerful drug kingpin lived on the run, staying well ahead of authorities. But it was one slip-up — an associate of his being caught on a wiretap — that led to his capture on Feb. 22.

Guzman had a penchant for high-tech gadgetry to keep ahead of authorities, as AP reported on Wednesday. He utilized sophisticated communications equipment and scanners to detect surveillance. But it was his last ditch low-tech underground tunnel that helped him almost get away again.


With Mexican Marines surrounding his house, temporarily hampered by a steel-reinforced door, Guzman fled through a secret door beneath a bathtub into his tunnel network.

Making it safely through the labryinth of tunnels, Guzman fled south to Mazatlan. Unfortunately for him, Mexican Marines and U.S. DEA agents had set up a base of operations in the city, according to AP.





Early on Saturday morning, Feb. 22, Marines had located him in a condominum complex and surrounded the area. Before sunrise at 6:40 a.m., Marines smashed open the door to his fourth floor condo, seizing Guzman without a single shot fired.

I don’t know what Mexican jails are like, but I am guessing they are especially not nice for long time criminals like Guzman. Enjoy your stint in the pokey, pal. I hope it’s nice and long. I don’t think they will give you much of a chance to tunnel out of there.

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