Yet Another Village Idiot Tries To Wake A SLEEPING ANACONDA

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It takes a villiage idiot to wake up an anaconda snake that’s basically bigger than your boat…

Didn’t these guys see the movie, “Anaconda”?

Remember Ice Cube got swallowed?

Most people would run, swim or jet the other way, but..

.. For whatever reason, that wasn’t the case for this man and his fishermen friends.

Hat tip Mad Patriots

On the Santa Maria River in Brazil, these fishermen came across a giant snake resting after a meal.

Instead of taking its slumber as a blessing, however, they decided to reach for it with their bare hands and drag it up and down the river.

While the snake may have been too incapacitated to fight them off right then and there, let’s hope he doesn’t have a penchant for revenge.

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Luckily, as the video states, the men did get charged with a $600 fine.

Maybe a blow to their wallets will be more persuasive than a potential anaconda choke slam.

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