Witness the Craziest Commercial Plane Ever: [VIDEO]

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This is the wildest commercial air liner you’ll ever see – and if they take off at 90 degrees with me in it – there’s going to be some full barf bags.

Debuted during trials for the Paris Air Show, the Dreamliner seemingly defies the laws of physics as it takes off into the skies at a mind-bending 90-degree angle:

An eyepopping rehearsal video Boeing released Thursday shows off its newest version of the Dreamliner aircraft — the 787-9 — performing some impressive and beautiful banks and ascents.

The takeoff alone will get your attention.

CNN asked Boeing to share specifics about the takeoff and banking angles during the flight. The company preferred to keep aviation geeks guessing. A spokeswoman told CNN “we unfortunately aren’t sharing specifics about the profile such as bank angles at this time.”

Boeing projects that within the next 20 years there will be a demand for 38,050 new airplanes, which adds up to a small fortune of $5.6 trillion.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner shown here in its fully painted new livery, with the golden lotus – Vietnam’s national flower rehearsed the flying display for the best performance at one of the world’s biggest air shows.


Of course, 50 years ago we would have been shooting this thing down, but time heals most wounds I suppose.

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