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What Horrible Thing Happened When Maine Began Making Welfare Recipients Work?


Maine voters elected a Republican Governor about eight months ago.  On behalf of Republicans everywhere their new Governor, Paul LePage went to war on poor women.

As we reported at the above link, LePage went after families who rely on food stamps – SNAP – to feed their families.

Under his Democratic predecessor was helping to feed about 12,000 non-disabled welfare recipients.  LePage started enforcing new Republican requirements that required non-disabled residents to work, volunteer, or attend vocational training 20 hours per week.

The number of people on the welfare rolls under Democrats has dropped to 2,680 under heartless Republicans.

Maine’s Progressives are claiming that there aren’t work or volunteer opportunities available for people.  We have a hard time with that, after all our Progressive Democrat President keeps telling us about all the jobs he’s “created or saved.”

Actually, if you’re volunteering, it only requires 24 hours per month.  Those opportunities are available even in rural parts of the state.

The reality is, these people, some 9,000 former welfare recipients, are simply too lazy to get off the couch.  We’re pretty sure of that because once you’re dropped from welfare in Maine, you’re out for at least three years.

Maine has reduced their welfare rolls by 2/3.  We expect those 9,000 people won’t starve though.  We expect them to move to more hospitable climes where welfare requirements aren’t so strict.

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