VOTD: Would You Buy These? I Hope Not!

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Back in the day, when you thought a lift kit for your truck, fog lights for the front bumper or roll bar, or God forbid, mag wheels were cool. You remember those days, before you grew up?  People still like dressing up their car, just look around. These will probably sell.

Because I am all grown up now, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a vehicle sporting these hubcaps. But one has to wonder if they’d be legal for long. I would think it may be distracting to other drives. Take a look, the technology is pretty cool:

Bet your hubcaps don't do this.CarBuzz

Posted by CarBuzz on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I am sure the police would have a field day. They could add this to the list of things that get their attention… The list includes: Cherry Bomb/Glasspack mufflers, or no mufflers at all, stereo too loud, window tint too dark, failure to display front license plate (WI), or my favorite, Display of Power! You might ask, as I did while the officer was writing me a ticket for Display of Power, What the hell is Display of Power? That’s what they call it where I’m from anytime you do a burnout, rev your engine, or leave a red light or stop sign quicker than they think you should. Yeah, that’s a real thing, and I am still a little salty about it!


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