VIDEO: Ann Coulter Blasts Michelle Obama on Race: ‘I Think She Is Just Letting Out Her Reverend Wright Now’

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Ann Coulter has no problem calling out the left, and doing it in no uncertain terms.  Recently on Hannity, she took on Michelle Obama.

“Letting out her inner Reverend Wright…” is about the best definition of Michelle Obama we’ve ever heard.  The idea that Ms. Obama could, for an instant, wonder how Americans could question whether she loved her country is beyond us.  The woman must have the mental facility of a small rock.

She sat in the pew of a church where the “pastor” said, “God damn America” to a cheering crowd.  She was (is?) close friends with domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.  Al Sharpton is her husband’s go-to guy on all things racial – and all things with this President (and his family) ARE racial.

We especially appreciated the point Ann made with reference to the disintegration of the black community under the thumb of the government plantation.

If you take out “single parent” households, the black crime rate is the same as the white crime rate.  The federal programs generated by the War on Poverty have created a third world within the black community the drives dependency on government handouts and crime.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect to see the tide turn anytime soon.  Not with demagogues like Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and Michelle Obama.  They are the poster people for who is at war with the black community.  It’s not white cops.

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