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UPDATE: Charleston Shooter Caught. On Psych Drugs. Obama Calls For Gun Control On The Way to a Fund raiser


The Charleston shooter, a 21 year old white kid who is reportedly taking anti-psychotic drugs, was captured by police today at a traffic stop.

Dylann Storm Roof was taken alive in Shelby, North Carolina, and is custody. He will ultimately be charged with nine counts of first degree murder and South Carolina has a death penalty. It’s currently unknown whether prosecutors will ask for the ultimate penalty.

The US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, is also investigating the crime and they could take the case away from state authorities by charging Roof with a “hate crime” that has enhanced penalties. Just how the federal government will enhance the death penalty is unknown.

In a nod to the Black Lives Matter movement, President Obama had a few words of condolence for the families and the city of Charleston before he politicized the murders by calling for more gun control.

The American people have “dealt with” the issue of gun rights Mr. President and by a substantial margin they favor less gun control .

Recognizing that the mass shooting in Charleston was at least as important as the murders of four Americans in Benghazi, the President is in Los Angeles tonight for a $33,000 per plate fund raiser. After Benghazi he went to Las Vegas after a good night’s sleep.


But there’s nothing to worry about in Charleston, according to the local community organizers.

Black community activists raised alarms Thursday about the mass murder at the historic black church potentially sparking race riots in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We don’t need any more bloodshed and we don’t need a race war,” pleaded J. Denise Cromwell, a black community activists.

Oops. Oh well, the President has money to raise.

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