Toby Keith 180: ‘If Someone at Charleston was Armed, Maybe Those 9 People Would Still Be Alive’

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I am far from Toby Keith’s biggest fan. I am a proud defender of my second amendment rights, and Toby has decided that while he will continue to make money off of a good old boy image, being a rugged country boy riding through the woods with a pickup, beer, dog, and a gun, he will not actually SUPPORT Americans right to having guns.

Disgusting. If there’s anything I hate worse that a thief, it’s a liar, because liars are thieves of my time and energy.

So now, Toby says that there may have been a way that the people at #charleston would have lived – had their been someone armed there. Well, duh:

Toby Keith

It was 24 hours after a lone white gunman shot up a Bible-study meeting at an historic African-American church Charleston, S.C., killing nine people and sending Americans into another national paroxysm of despair over violence, guns and racism.

Appearing on the red carpet at the Songwriters Hall of Fame gala in New York where he was being inducted, Keith said stricter gun laws would not have made a difference in Charleston.

“If it can happen in church, it can happen anywhere, so there’s no answer to it,” Keith said.

Countries with tough gun policies and very few guns in private hands, such as Norway, still have gun massacres, Keith said, apparently referring to the 2011 shootings and bombings of 77 people, many of them children, by a far-right and racist terrorist in and near Oslo.

Keith said it’s hard to predict when violence will happen. But if an armed police officer had been at the prayer meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, “maybe seven or eight of those nine people would still be alive.”

Look, I am sure Toby Keith means well and all, but I don’t need any help with my gun control, thanks. I have it firmly in both hands.

H/T: Free Patriot Post

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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