Thugs Harass Female Cop in Walmart Over “Mike Brown”… But Her Response Was Perfect

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Thugs are trying to come up with any excuse they can to be the next ‘victims’ of racial profiling. What they don’t realize is that the real victims, the police officers and the general public that pay for their room and board when they are arrested, are getting quite sick of theses shenanigans.

A female officer had a perfect response to the thugs abusing the carts that are meant for the elderly and infirm inside a Florida Walmart. Conveniently, of course, the part where they are acting obnoxious enough for her to approach them is ‘missing’:


A group of young black men were captured on video exploiting the death of Michael Brown while trying to provoke a scene with a police officer inside a Florida Wal-Mart store.

“Let’s use Mike Brown,” one of the young men said, as the officer ordered them to leave the store.

Adding to the outrage of using the name of a man whose death has become a byword for lawless violence after last fall’s riots in Ferguson, Mo., the incident was apparently being recorded by one of the group — hoping to catch the officer making a mistake, no doubt.

Other than some inappropriate language, the lone female officer displayed the patience of a saint as she was repeatedly disrespected, even though she was surrounded by 4-5 young males.

It’s not clear what prompted her to confront the men, but the website that posted the video, Mediatakeout, claimed it was for slow shopping — and because they were black, of course.

“Leave the Wal-Mart now!” the officer tells the group, including an able-bodied “shopper” in motorized cart that had one bag of Doritos in the basket.

“I can shop all day,” the man in the motorized cart said. “What, I can’t shop?”

“You cannot shop,” the officer responded. “I’m telling you to get your ass up off that cart and get out of the store.”

“She’s cussing at us,” another says, in a show of mock offense.

“Because I’m speaking f***ing English and the fact that you don’t understand me — ” she said.

“Bitch, you talking crazy,” the man in the motorized cart said as they began to talk over one another.

The officer continues to tell them to leave, and while the group appears to be heading toward the exit, the young man in the motorized cart refused to get out and continued to resist.

“Everything [is] on camera, I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” he said.

The cop finally had her fill and arrested the man, as another began yelling, “Let’s use Mike Brown! Let’s use Mike Brown.”

Another day in the post-racial presidency of Barack Obama.

So, the real question is, why do people feel so entitled these days? What makes them so special?

It’s years of being pandered to by a liberal leadership. Anyone remember the people saying that Obama was going to pay their mortgages? I sure do. Liberals are really good at these pie-in-the-sky ideas, but when it comes down to it, all it is is ideology.

There is no free lunch, or phone, or mortgage. There is no pass ‘Go’ and collect $200. Someone else is paying for your welfare, your food stamps, your medical, and your Section 8 housing. Guess who that someone else is? Me. And millions more like me, who work our butts off everyday to provide a stable income and housing for our children. The gimme generation has raised lazy, complacent kids who want to do nothing more than to harass a peace officer at Walmart.

You are entitled to nothing, especially because of the color of your skin. Just to let you know: the race card you’re playing has expired, and it isn’t good anywhere in America except possibly the White House. Try working hard, getting a job, and fighting against REAL hate crimes instead of inventing them? Just a thought, kiddos.

Video of the ‘incident’ – (insert eyeroll here)

H/T: BizPac Review

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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