Texas Sends Message to FLOTUS – Taste is BACK!

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Texas school lunches are about to get something they haven’t in awhile – taste.

Of course this comes with a frown from Michele Obama, creator of the disgusting school lunch and full cafeteria refuse bins.

Too bad for her, though, because most of us parent-types LIKE our children to eat at school:

Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is lifting a 10-year-plus government ban on deep-fryers in school kitchens, as well as a ban on sodas in vending machines.

The newly instated politician believes that local parents and teachers are best suited to make decisions regarding a child’s diet — not top-down government regulations.

In a recent video (above) posted by the Texas Department of Agriculture, Miller explains his reasons. He says that the ban-lifting is not a directive for schools to reinstall deep-fryers and sodas in vending machines, but more about local control:

“We’re not going to mandate what you do, we’re going to be your partner,” Miller said. “We’re going to collaborate with you, we’re going to educate you. We’re going to work with you.”
While Miler insists that move is intended to give parents and teachers more freedom and will ultimately be best for the children, most who commented on Twitter have their doubts. IJReview reached out to a Texas-based mother of three:

“Sid Miller — He was quoted as saying it gives the right to make healthy choices back to the district and the parents. How is adding an unhealthy choice helping anyone? I liken this to someone saying they want to add a room full of drugs at the rehab facility to help the patients make healthy choices. Foolish and downright irresponsible.lunch-michelle-obama

My child goes to a daycare in Denton County that serves healthy food but when I don’t like something I pack a substitution. We will work hard to teach our child about food but the added challenge/temptation isn’t appreciated.”

Recently, many parents, school officials and even students have come out against increased food regulations outlined in the Michelle Obama-fronted Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

They do say “Don’t Mess with Texas” and I suspect in this case, they have definitely had enough of hungry kids and terrible food. I hope these kiddos get some yummy food for them next fall when school rings back in session.


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie, or email the author at [email protected]

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