Texas Governor Puts Smackdown on Mexican Government

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The Mexican government says it doesn’t understand why we would erect a fence on their borders, because it will only “promote division.”

Um, yeah. Kinda the point.

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They also don’t like the fact that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s new $800 million border security package includes stonger punishments for convicted human traffickers, because that; “runs contrary to the principles and values governing the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship.”

I don’t even know what to say about that.

Here’s the deal: Mexico’s souther border policy is about as brutal as it gets – basically, shoot somebody if they’re trying to get in… or worse. But god forbid we try to stop drug smugglers, coyotes and other miscreants from breaking our laws, right?

15-0331 Illegal Aliens

Thank God for Governor Abbott who’s willing to do what Obama isn’t to defend our borders.

The bottom line is that Mexico wants an open border, with full-access to free stuff and cash-paying gigs for their citizens. Why? Because their system sucks and is so corrupt they can’t put people to work in their own country, despite the vast natual resources in Mexico.

Fox News now has something called; “Fox News Latino” and if you think for a moment they’re going to be against illegal immigration while trying to court Hispanic viewers – you’ve lost your mind. They’re businessmen and they want a bigger piece of the pie and that includes Mexicans in America – illegal or otherwise.

Look how they soft-sell the Mexican government’s whining about Governor Abbot:

The Mexican government says it regrets Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to sign into law an $800 million border security package that will mean more state troopers, cameras and a spy plane to patrol the U.S. state’s 1,200-mile border with Mexico.

One of the provisions will toughen punishments for convicted human traffickers.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department said Wednesday the new law will “promote division between our societies, and runs contrary to the principles and values governing the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship.”

Mexico didn’t appear to object to moves to replace the National Guard troops. It has long opposed any militarization of the border.

Gee, thanks Mexico. Glad you don’t “appear to object” to our sovereignty.

Abbott signed the measure Tuesday. It should accelerate the hiring of 250 additional state troopers who will patrol the border, replacing National Guard troops deployed there last summer.

People would not come here if they weren’t desperate to get out of Mexico. I sympathize with someone willing to pick up and risk their lives for their family – but too many bad guys and people jacking the system here get in and we gotta do things orderly and by the law. Sorry – I got this weird thing about obeying the law and Obama and the Mexican government doesn’t.

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Hey Mexico – get your crap together and quit treating your citizens like crap and they won’t have to come here. In the meantime, dos cervesa, por favor..

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