Soros-funded Group Puts “Conservative” in Its Name to Deceive Public

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The Daily Signal, the multimedia news organization of the conservative Heritage Foundation, reported last month on the vote by Nebraska’s allegedly conservative lawmakers to repeal the state’s death penalty. But what the Daily Signal did not realize is that these “Conservatives” are in reality “a project of Equal Justice USA, a national organization working to end the death penalty in the United States.” Does that name sound familiar?

The article, in an effort to provide balance that is usually lacking in anti-death penalty articles by Democratic media outlets like the NY Times, the Associated Press and Reuters, gave considerable space to a group called “Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty” to explain the group’s advocacy work on behalf of convicted killers.

Equal Justice USA is funded by America-hating George Soros, a longtime champion of convicted killers and other miscreants. (Not clear on who George Soros is? Get reading.)

And what is Equal Justice USA doing when not funding phony conservative organizations with Soros’ money? Why, fomenting unrest in Ferguson, Mo., to advance the “hands up, don’t shoot” lie about the “gentle giant,” who died trying to wrest a gun from an innocent police officer doing his job.

In short, “Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty” are more accurately “Leftists Protecting Violent Killers and Other Felons.” But truth in advertising would kill, pardon the word, their usefulness as a front group.

Interestingly, the same Daily Signal piece also cited some facts from the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC). Unmentioned in the piece is that the DPIC is also funded in part by George Soros, and also opposes the death penalty in every single case, including for terrorists who kill, killers of children, and rapists who kill their victims.

So the Daily Signal was duped, but they are not alone. Your children are being indoctrinated on this (and other) issues in our public schools. The Death Penalty Information Center and leftists at Michigan State University run a website billed as a “High School Curriculum on the Death Penalty student site.” Called, it works to turn our children into foot soldiers for killers. The funding for the site, you guessed it, came from grants from the Soros Foundation and another left-wing foundation.

A final note: in 2004, George Soros and his family gave an obscure state senator named Barack Obama $60,000 for an Illinois US Senate primary. Eleven years later, those two men are rapidly succeeding in their “fundamental transformation” of America. A “right to life” for cold-blooded killers is only part of that transformation. “Conservatives” should indeed be “concerned.”

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