Schools Spend Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on “White Privilege” Training, Allowing Chaos to Ensue

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St. Paul, MN is in hot water after spending nearly $3M in taxpayer money to educate public schools on how to deal with “achievement and disciplinary issues involving black students.”

Pacific Educational Group, or PEG, is dedicated to pushing their idea that “white privilege” is the reason African American students don’t fare well in schools.


But their assertions don’t stop there. PEG also believes that school curricula need to be customized to meet the “cultural specifications” of the non-white students.

According to information provided by the district to EAGnews through a freedom of information request, St. Paul schools spent at least the following amounts on PEG consultations services over the past five years:

* $137,720 in 2010-11,
* $366,800 in 2011-12,
* $598,900 in 2012-13,
* $489,150 in 2013-14 and
* $285,895 in 2014-15.

The district also reported spending “matched amounts” of $132,072 (2010-11), $363,260 (2011-12) and $537,900 (2012-13) on PEG, without explaining what that term means.

If that doesn’t give you heartburn, hang in there. It gets better.

After working with PEG, schools began to make radical changes were made to school policy. Instead of suspending misbehaving students, teachers are now required to place them in “time outs.” Violence and other unacceptable behavior from students is being either ignored or forgiven, and students are running wild because they know that there will be no consequences. One example of this was documented by EAGnews:

A  local publication called CityPages recently told the story of Becky McQueen, an educator at St. Paul’s Harding High School.

“Last spring, when she stepped into a fight between two basketball players, one grabbed her shoulder and head, throwing her aside,” the CityPages article explained. “The kid was only sent home for a couple of days.

“In March, when a student barged into her class, McQueen happened to be standing in the doorway and got crushed into a shelf. The following week, two boys came storming in, hit a girl in the head, then skipped back out. One of them had already been written up more than 30 times.

“Yet another student who repeatedly drops into her class has hit kids and cursed at an aide, once telling McQueen he would “fry” her ass. She tried to make a joke of it — ‘Ooh, I could use a little weight loss.’ Her students interjected: ‘No, that means he’s gonna kill you.’”

McQueen now has her students use a secret knock on the classroom door, so she will know who to allow in, the article said.

It’s not just the teachers who are taking issue with the new rules and regulations; the families of the students are also raising some issues.

“‘The most basic thing our schools must offer is the safety of the children,’ Nathan told the Star Tribune. ‘A significant number of families are saying their children do not feel safe in the schools. They don’t feel safe even going to the bathroom.’”

It seems like it’s time for a probe into PEG. No student, regardless of sex, religion, race, etc., should be held to a different standard than any other. Right and wrong is universal, no exceptions.

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