‘Racist’ Dinosaur Name in ‘Jurassic World’ Has Liberal Critics in a Tizzy

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“The Pachys are out of containment!”

“Jurassic World” has come under fire for their choice in short-hand for the Pachycephalosaurus, with critics saying it’s “racist” and derogatory toward Pakistanis and other south Asians.

— HARIS (@_HarisAli_) June 16, 2015

Instead of jumping to conclusions, these people should have jumped on the Jurassic World website and done a little investigation. From there they could have gone to the list of the dinosaurs and found this:


Thirty seconds of research revealed that this dinosaur has absolutely nothing to do with Pakistan, or the people of Pakistan. More importantly, these creatures were around LOOOONG before the establishment of any country, state or nation. To say that the nickname used in the movie is “racist” is also incorrect, by definition.

racismThe term “Paki,” had it even been used in such a capacity, would have been, at best, offensive. However, because it was “Pachy” and was used as short-hand for a creature that predated any existence of the Pakistani people, it could not be either racist or offensive.

This is yet another prime example of what happens when people are quick to anger, and take to social media to express their ignorance. To begin with, you’re literally complaining about terminology used in a fictitious movie about animals that no longer exist. Perhaps it’s time to grow up and stop sitting around searching out things about which you can express faux outrage.

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