A Personal Letter to the President of the University of California

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Sometimes sarcasm is the only response that can be given to the progressive left’s nonsense:

Dear President Janet Napolitano:

I briefly heard about an article that was written regarding your school system and all of the progressive ideas that your university is encouraging the staff to implement. It was about ‘microaggressions’ or something like that.

I must be honest that I wasn’t able to hear all of the details because I was so busy getting ready for work, but I wanted to take time out of my schedule to write to you because of something that I’ve been considering lately.

I’m looking for a wonderful institute of higher learning to which I can donate some of my hard earned money.

The University of California, Berkeley is one university system that I am considering because I live in California, which I’m sure you will agree is one of the most diverse states that represent the ‘melting pot’ in this great ‘land of opportunity, America.”

You are probably wondering ‘why I’ve been so quiet’ and haven’t reached out to your school system before. I decided not to remain quiet any longer and to ‘speak up’ as my Native American ancestors would surely hope I would.

However, like most Americans, I’ve just been taking my time to find the most qualified university. I’m confident you will understand that, as is true that ‘the most qualified person should get the job,’ the most qualified educational system should receive my donation. I really want to be certain before I donate that I’ve found a school that represents my values.

janet napolitanoIt’s important for me to find a school that believes that ‘there is only one race, the human race’ that represents the moral and ethical values of all Americans.  I’m sure you can understand that.

I’m know you’ll agree, we are so fortunate to live in a country where ‘affirmative action’ could be a thing of the past without Americans being perceived as ‘racist’ for wanting to abolish it.

We are no longer a society ‘that requires forms to identify’ who we are, but rather we are a nation that has moved beyond those requirements of transformation and can accept each other for who we are as human beings.

And I’m sure you understand that it would be remiss of me, for example, to donate money to a university that ‘becomes so upset that they can no longer hear’ what is being said if I decide to use the pronoun ‘he’ instead of she. How silly would that be? I’m hoping you are not like ‘those’ universities.

berkeley symbolAlso, I am looking for an educational system to give to that encourages all Americans to express themselves freely on all of the issues, even when not everyone agrees. I need assurance that UC Berkeley is that university.

I want to give my money to a university system that upholds the principles of the U.S. Constitution and ensures that free speech remains unfettered for everyone.

It would be a shame to waste money giving donations to such an educational system that touts itself as progressive while at the same time denies the freedoms that the Constitution provides. Wouldn’t you agree?

In any event, I’m hoping that you can prove to me that your UC system is that educational system, indeed the one that is worthy of receiving my donation.

I eagerly await your reply. Until then, God Bless America, the greatest country on Earth.


Susan Knowles


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