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NYC Cops Attacked by Crowd


If you want to know what the long hot summer is going to be like, here’s a snapshot. Hint: we’re going to be overwhelmed with stories of dead stupid people and Al Sharpton may just end up demonstrating himself to death.

Here’s the latest episode in the ongoing display of Black Lives That Don’t Matter.

Friday night in Harlem about 11:30. A man is walking down the street drinking from an open container of Hennessy cognac. Police stop him. So far so good.

The man’s sister gets involved and starts pushing the cops. It gets really close to a fatal encounter – take note at the end of the video, the sister is reaching for blonde cop’s gun.

The male cop was sucker punched from behind and the sister is doing her best Michael Brown imitation. It was nothing but dumb luck that sister didn’t connect with the cop’s gun.

It’s beginning to look like any sense of restraint that people used to exercise with the police is quickly going away. Why should common citizens exercise restraint when the President doesn’t bother to?


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