9 Dead & The Big Issue is Not Gun Violence

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Editors note: Once in a while you run across something that you want everyone in the world to see… this was written by a Facebook friend that was kind enough to let us republish it for you.

– by Ami Woods

We are a society of morons. 9 humans are dead and we’re going to fight about a flag. And 99.9% of those fighting don’t even know what this flag is or what it stands for.

History time. This flag, below, which everyone is up in arms over, is not the Confederate flag. It never has been. It’s the battle flag of a losing army. It is a symbol of defeat. In this likeness, it never ever actually represented the Confederate States of America. And the Confederate States of America did not seek secession from the Union over slavery during the “War of Northern Aggression” as it was taught to me in 7th grade. They sought to secede because of states rights. Only a small portion of the Southern population even owned slaves – you know, those crazy 1%ers always up to no good. And the only reason they needed slaves was because geographically they had more crops than the North and little access to the German and Irish immigrants making up the Northern labor force. Perhaps we should do something about German and Irish flags as well. Both are affiliated with heated political histories and geographically based rock music.

And while we’re talking about slavery, let’s take a moment and thank the REPUBLICANS for abolishing it. That Democrat Buchanan, while he did oppose slavery, he didn’t really want to dirty his own hands with it. Let’s just leave it up to the states, he said. Let’s leave it up to the people, and by people, he meant the whites – because they were the only voting citizens. It was a republican who stepped in and finally said, “no more”. Yes, yes parties change. I know.

And now here we are today. Those flying this flag in the South need a history lesson on their “Southern Pride” as this is not the flag of Southern pride. Throw a pineapple over your door and call it a day if Southern pride is your goal. This is the flag of the uncouth, the uncultured. It is not the Stars and Bars, the first flag of the CSA.

Those flying this flag in the north, should understand that they are flying the flag of losers. Further, in modern day culture, it is a widely recognized symbol for white trash pride. So, if proclaiming your affiliation as an uneducated hillbilly is the goal – by all means, fly this flag.

Removing this flag from the shelves of Walmart, the steps of the SC capital, etc. will not end mass shootings or insanity. And should it be determined that this flag be banished from society due to it’s misunderstood affiliation with the CSA and a time in our history of which we are not proud, we will also need to remove the flags of seven American states as each contain an artistic likeness. These include Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and of course Mississippi – a state where the flag actually includes the exact, original, square Confederate battle flag in its design. I’m a little suspicious of the Texas flag as well. And while we’re at it, we should remove Ohio because of its stupid shape and Hawaii because, well, we’re not British.

BTW, as of the 2010 Census, these seven states noted above were home to about 12 million African-Americans, meaning that nearly 1 in 3 black Americans live under a government recognized state flag that evokes direct imagery of the Confederacy. Crazy, right? Down with the flags. All flags gotta go. Our Michigan flag has a man holding a gun. OMG, not a gun! Guns killed the people in Charleston. Worm filled can officially opened.

9 people are dead and we’re fighting about a flag. Outstanding.

You can learn more about the author at her website, www.AmiWoods.com.

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