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Mugger Targets a Dad and His Little Girl … Dad=1; Mugger=0


This took place in Brazil, but it’s still a lesson in the truth that it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.

The mugger approached a man at a gas pump with his daughter and pulled a gun. That was his last mistake.

The dad is a police officer who was off duty and he pulled his gun and the fireworks started.

The mugger didn’t make it, as we said, it was his last mistake.

Even though this took place in Brazil where they don’t have a 2nd Amendment, it’s an object lesson in why our 2nd Amendment rights are so important. This same kind of thing happens here and if our right to carry a firearm is taken away by Barack Obama and his minions, we are at the mercy of the bad guys.

Maybe that’s why Obama wants to confiscate your guns.


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