Militant Muslim Black Panther Leader Calls for War On Cops and Whites

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The militant muslim New Black Panther Party leader, Malik Zulu Shabazz, is back in the news, and this time, he’s threatening “deadly force” against whites. On the subject of police brutality, Shabazz says “police brutality is going to come to an end one way or another – or it’s just going to be a lot of dead bodies in the streets.” He then goes after conservatives for supporting our 2nd Amendment rights, claiming that we don’t want black people to have guns, which is of course, false.

You can listen to the audio below:

I don’t know what “conservatives” he thinks he’s talked to, but no true supporter of the 2nd Amendment wants to deny ownership of firearms to anyone, let alone based on race. His other radical and racist comments could be construed as inciting violence toward whites and cops, specifically. It appears that Mr. Shabazz is creating his own narrative to justify his quite extreme views, and unfortunately, it is a narrative that had been adopted by quite a few people.

But this isn’t the first time that Shabazz has made controversial statements. He’s also opined on the tragedy of 9/11, saying this:

“Everyday, day & night, we hear the lies that September 11th is the worst tragedy, worst accident, and worst crime to ever been committed on American soil. We bear witness that the worst crime, the worst tragedy, that has ever taken place on American soil is not September 11th. It’s not the twin towers. It’s the holocaust that black folks been dealing with for 400 years.”

He’s also virulently anti-semetic.

“If 3,000 people perished in the World Trade Center attacks and the Jewish population is 10 percent, you show me records of 300 Jewish people dying in the World Trade Center…We’re daring anyone to dispute its truth. They got their people out.”

He also insists that only white people have the capacity to be racist.

“A black man really — or a black leader — cannot be a racist. You cannot take the slave who takes the whip from the slave master and begins beating the slave master — you cannot call the slave a reverse racist. White people have not experienced racism, Jim Crow, and terrorism the way my people have. I have the right to use different language.”

This type of rhetoric only serves to divide America, and can have dangerous consequences.


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