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Michelle’s Inner-Muslim Comes Out


The Obama’s promotion of and relation to the Muslim religion (Jim Jones where are you?) never ceases. First it was Barack with this gem…

Now we’ve got his bigger half doing her civic duty at an Islamic school in the UK .

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to the United Kingdom today, choosing to give a speech on female empowerment while surrounded by hijab-clad girls in the ethnically “diverse” London borough of Tower Hamlets.


in Tower Hamlets, nearly 1 in 5 residents did not speak English as their first language, according to the 2011 statistics, opting instead for Bengali.


So why did Michelle Obama choose Tower Hamlets, and the Mulberry School for Girls?

She said she specifically chose the area, and asked the question aloud herself, during her speech: “Why would she choose Tower Hamlets? I’m here because of you,” she told the crowd.

“When I look out at all these young women, I see myself. In so many ways your story is my story,” she told the room full of hijab-wearing girls. “I know I don’t look [older than you all]”, she crowed. And then went on to praise the local area, which is known for being a hot bed of Islamist activity and sympathy.

So the First Lady of the United States of America “sees herself” in a group of hijab clad, non-English speaking, immigrants who cling to a culture at war with the West. Makes sense to us.

Remember, this is the same woman who told America that the inauguration of Barack Obama was the first time she’d been “proud of her country.” At Tower Hamlets, she went on …

She described Tower Hamlets as a place where “families are tight knit… with strong values ”.

Strong values.


Thanks for clearing that up for us Michelle.


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