McKinney is Invaded by New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam to Prove That Black Lives Matter

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We’ve been reporting on the events in McKinney, TX, the latest episode in Black Lives Matter crew.

The police officer who was at the center of the storm has resigned and there are numerous residents attempting to bring criminal charges aganist him. Now, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are invading McKinney to stir things up.


Let’s remember what a black radio talk show host had to say about the situation in Ferguson Baltimore McKinney.

And then let’s compare that to what an outsider, race hustler had to say…


Dennis L.A. White is apparently an “actor.” He’s since taken the tweet down. He should have been arrested.

McKinney is just another stripe for the Black Lives Matter crowd, proving that they are professional race hustlers, and that the only “black lives” they give a damn about are those of thugs and punks.

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