Man Shows 3 Armed Robbers the Business-End of the Second Amendment

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When three black males approached three white males, pulled a gun, and demanded money, it could have ended badly for the victims. The young white men were moving into an apartment when the attempted robbery took place.

Two of the men began handing over whatever money they had, but the third one wasn’t so quick to part with his cash. Instead, he pulled out a gun and started shooting.


According to CBS Denver, “three white males in their 20s were moving into an apartment building when they were approached by three black males between the ages of 16-20 in the foyer of the apartment building.” The three black males allegedly “demanded money at gunpoint.”

When all was said and done, one of the robbers was dead, one critically injured and one simply wounded. Now police are saying that the man who was defending himself and his two friends may not face charges. Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler commented: “I don’t think we would call this necessarily a make-my-day issue. This is a straight up regular common sense statutorily codified self defense.”

Watch the press conference below:

I think it’s probably safe to say that this will be the last robbery those injured boys attempt, provided the one in critical condition survives. This also shows the importance of the 2nd Amendment; I can assure you this situation would have ended much differently if the victims didn’t have any firepower on their side. While self-defense wasn’t the primary intention behind the amendment, it has certainly prevented a lot of innocent people from having to choose between giving in to their attacker’s demands and death.

While it’s always sad when a young life is lost, these boys make a very poor decision and paid for it dearly. They gambled and lost, and this should be a lesson to all parents: teach your children right from wrong, and this won’t happen to them.

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