LAME: Al Sharpton to Save the Day in Texas

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Don’t worry folks, Al Sharpton is here on his white horse to save the day! Oh, saying white horse is racist? How about…black horse? Wait, that’s racist too? Ok, how about color-challenged horse instead of white? Is that ok? Alright, moving on…

The Texas Pool Party “incident” has somehow shown up on this old fool’s radar. If he thinks for a hot second that he can incite the kind of violence in Texas via riots he has in other parts of the country, I think he’s forgotten the great state of Texas is just that, and, well, don’t mess with Texas. They don’t seem like the people he is used to having around him to hitch up the wagons and jump on board for the latest and greatest burning of a community.

I have some news for you, Al. WE DON”T NEED YOU. You don’t need to stick your nose into every single incident that you deem ‘racist’. Just because black people and police are involved does not an appearance for you make. How about this, Al? How about you be a law abiding citizen and pay your back taxes (at least 4 MILLION dollars, and counting)? How about YOU set an example? Oh, you say it’s ‘racist’ to ask you to pay your taxes? Shut up, and pay up, or go to jail. You have no cause to ‘call out’ police in any way until you also are in full compliance with the laws of this nation. I will seriously hug the police officer that arrests this chump and send him a gift card to Starbucks. Not joking.


The Rev. Al Sharpton told USA TODAY on Monday that he was alerted to watch the video by the Dallas chapter of his National Action Network (NAN). He described McKinney as indicative of a police community that has a “tendency to throw police procedures into the wind.”

“I was praying it didn’t end in (the officer) shooting someone,” Sharpton said in a phone interview from New York. “(He) was a trigger away from yet another police shooting, which is why he should be prosecuted.”

Sharpton said cellphones and technology are bringing to people’s living rooms evidence of what activists have been saying all along — that some white officers have a complete disregard for black lives.

Uhm, no. Just no. Shhhh….not until the bubbles go away…

Sharpton said he is considering holding a rally in McKinney as early as this weekend to demand that the officer who pulled the gun be fired.

Guess what, Rev? Officer Corporal Eric Casebolt has resigned. He is now in hiding with his family due to threats from -you guessed it – blacks. His job is gone. His future – gone. No retirement, no anything. His home is wherever he can hide for the evening. That’s crap. Maybe you should hold a rally teaching people how to act. Like, if you don’t want people to think you are violent, perhaps you shouldn’t threaten officers of the law into hiding/retiring.

Here’s the real scoop: some kids crashed a damn pool party and were asked to leave. They refused and got violent. So the police responded.

Nobody loves that a girl got thrown on the ground, but if she was white, would it be as big of a deal? Of course not, because the media wouldn’t have anything sensational to report. Too bad. Maybe Al can still find some trouble to stir up in Texas, but I doubt he will receive a warm welcome. Best of luck with the IRS, Rev.

H/T: American Freedom Fighters

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis shouted at Al Sharpton during a peace rally in Hartford, Connecticut, Calling him a charlatan and a pimp.

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