Jimmy Carter Says Americans “Feel Superior to People of Color”

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It would appear that former President Jimmy Carter has lost his marbles. He recently told AARP in an interview that he felt that the dreams of the civil rights movements have not yet been realized, as is shown by the recent “mistreatment of blacks”.

“Many Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color,” the 39th president said. Now excuse me for asking, but is he insinuating that only white people can qualify as Americans? Because that seems a little racist to me.


While he doesn’t give any specific examples of “mistreatment,” one can only assume that his is speaking of the police officers’ altercations with young black males that have torn this country’s racial divide even deeper.

While the guilt or innocence of these officers is discussed within the courtroom, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous for anyone to say that “a large number” of Americans regard minorities with contempt period, let alone based off of a few over-hyped stories in the media.


But he didn’t stop there. Carter went on to criticize money in politics saying this: “I don’t think anybody now can hope to be the nominee of the Democratic or Republican Party if they can’t raise like a quarter of a billion dollars.” When asked who he thought would be able to win the 2016 Presidential election, he didn’t really answer the question, but had this to say, “There was harmony among congressmen when I was there, and I got just as much support from Republicans as I did from Democrats.”

Perhaps it’s time for Grandpa Carter to go into a home. I realize that in his desperate bids to stay relevant, he’s willing to say just about anything, but it’s come to the point that what he’s saying doesn’t make sense 90% of the time. It’s time to retire, Jimmy.

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