ISIS vs France: Vive le Denial!

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Vive Le Denial!

A few months after the Charlie Hebdo Paris attacks, the satire magazine decided to stop mocking radical Islam. President Barack Obama and Neville Chamberlain’s love child John Kerry beamed proudly. There was peace in our time.

Then came another terror attack on France in addition to other attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait. The France attack left one decapitated and others injured. The ISSI flag was found at the scene. President Obama and global leftists vowed to keep their heads up their hides and do nothing.

In the conflict between ISIS and France, one side is an America-hating, Jew-hating, anti-Semitic bunch of Islamist lovers. The other side is ISIS, making choosing sides a tough call.

France, President Obama and global leftists have vowed to look busy in the face of Paris workplace violence with zero religious connections.

Defensive leftists insisted that they must keep their heads up their hides. There is no other way they can admire their own scents.

Liberals deny radical Islam is behind the France murders because liberals have zero fear of being beheaded. They are already dead from the neck up.

President Obama was angry over the France attack, hoping it was Paris, Texas that got bombed. Global secularists expressed sadness over their holy land of France being harmed, but not enough to pray.

At a contentious cabinet meeting, Obama administration officials debated whether to blame the France workplace violence incident on Pamela Geller, a YouTube video or former President George W. Bush. “Hillary Clinton asked, What difference at this point does it make?”

Despite the France terror attack, Islamist beheadings on American soil could never happen in Oklahoma with President Barney Fife Obama on the case.

The France terror attack update left John Kerry and Hillary Clinton more determined than ever to focus on the world’s greatest twin threats of climate change & Israeli settlements.

Most observers wondered why ISIS would bother waste time bombing France since they surrendered already. Paristan is the Europe Caliphate headquarters. Why would Islamists bomb land they already owned?

A Fatwa was issued by the United States Supreme Court legalizing marriage equality for all Islamist Gitmo prisoners. A new government program is being set up entitled, Getting Gay at Guantanamo Bay.” It is also known as “Getting Gay at Gitmo,” or G3 for short. The inmates are not to be killed since that would be insensitive. Marriage Akbar!

When told of the conflict between ISIS and France, Millennials immediately understood the connection. “You mean like Katy Perry fighting with Taylor Swift? Yeah, I wish they could both lose.”

As Americans celebrate the removal of the Confederate flag, leftists and Islamists can take heart knowing the ISIS flag will be flying high in captured areas like France. With hard work and dedication by ISIS and complete impotence by the West, one day the world can all be united under ISIS rule. For those who object to this, what do you expect Western leaders to do, something?

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