Is President Obama delusional?

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Is our President delusional?

He is either delusional – or he knows he is lying and knows he will be believed by low-information voters. Let us look at some of his latest proclamations.
1)      “I will never engage in politics in which I’m trying to divide people
     Obama divides us into the Greedy Rich and the put-upon-poor; the bigots; the homophobes and racists; the violent cops who snapped a man’s back, and those “who acted stupidly”; and the whites-with-privilege. He speaks of Republicans who don’t want the poor to vote, those who don’t want to educate or take care of the health of the poor, doctors who might cut off your leg, those who don’t care about autism, and those who don’t want to kill a baby as it is being delivered. What a way to bring us all together, Barack!
2)      “I’ve restored the US as the most respected country in the world”.
     Russia is now heading off our destroyers in the North Sea; China is conducting drills which bomb mock-up US ships; ISIS is threatening to behead our President; Israel is being unsupported by our President; Russia’s Putin is thumbing his nose at Obama; Germany’s leader is miffed at Obama over spying; North Korea is threatening America; Iran laughs at our weakness; Mexico and Central America are continually invading our country with illegals; and Egypt is mocking Obama on their TV. Be sure to watch the Egyptian TV spot here: This is a perverse brand of respect.
3)      “The work I’ve done to provide health insurance is one that was in line with my major governing principles”.
     That major principle is to have our federal government take over more and more of the economy until we are all dependent on the federal government to take care of us. Then we will always vote for Democrats who will provide all our needs. Meanwhile, the federal government is rife with fraud, incompetence, misconduct, illegal acts and more.
4) “We haven’t had a lot of conversation about the horrors of Obamacare because none of them have come to pass.” I know, stop that laughing!
       As Charles Krauthammer just wrote, it is so bad for doctors that they are quitting, as electronic billing takes too much time. Medical information is hacked on a monthly basis. The Emergency Rooms are being used just as much as before, because people cannot afford the deductibles for seeing their doctors. The costs of insurance are rising as much as 38% just this year alone. Obama can proclaim that so many million more “folks” are insured now than before, but he doesn’t mention the many millions more who lost their insurance because it was not up to snuff according to Obamacare. Obama also is less than honest when he forgets to mention that those newly insured people are mostly on taxpayer funded subsidies. The trickle-down effects include the closing of hospitals as well as businesses, and people being reduced to part time work in order to avoid having the owners pay for Obamacare for employees.
5) Obama said to adviser Axelrod, about our military, “You remind those a-holes who they take orders from.” Democrat Representative Clyburn threatened the GOP by saying: “I don’t think that Congress ought to have any right to circumvent the President”. He warned them to “be very careful how you treat this President, because turnabout is fair play
     Obama talks a good game. He also scoffs at the advice on how to conduct a war against our enemies, saying only yesterday at the G7 Summit that we do not yet have a strategy against ISIS. He has fired hundreds of military officers, released dozens of terrorist Gitmo detainees, and has not yet forced the VA to take care of our veterans in a timely manner.
6) During his commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy, Obama said, “I’m here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, and an immediate risk to our national security, and - make no mistake - it will impact how our military defends our country”.
     Obama actually believes that climate change is more of a threat than ISIS, illegals invading our country, or possible wars with other enemies. After all, Obama tasked NASA, as a main goal, to make Muslims feel good about themselves.
7) “I took action to enhance border security”.
       Oops, the security given was for those thousands upon thousands of disease-ridden children coming from Central America with no parents. American lawyers were all lined up to help them. Camps are in place to care for them til they can be farmed out to unsuspecting cities all over America. They all need welfare, education and healthcare.   Even those who break our laws, rape and kill are protected from deportation.
8) “Our economy has been growing, we’ve got momentum.”
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     Actually, Obama has the lowest average 1stQ GDP growth of any President since 1947. Nearly 100 million Americans are no longer working, for they can’t find jobs - an unprecedented figure. They don’t all show up in the unemployment figures because they have given up even looking for a job. The unemployment figures are worst for people of color and for women.
President Obama recently said that “He hopes after his Presidency that he will be remembered fondly.”   Good luck with that one, Mr. President.

White House Reveals $34M Climate Plan to Aid Developing Countries

The White House announced new measures to help developing countries cope with extreme weather and sea level rise. Countries such as Bangladesh, Columbia and Ethiopia would benefit from the 34 million dollar initiative announced Tuesday. White House officials described a ?steady drumbeat? of announcements ahead of climate change talks in Paris at the end of the year. Presidnet Obama has been outspoken in addressing global warming. The plan involves several US government agencies, the UK Met Office, and businesses such as Google, and is aimed at helping give developing countries access to critical climate data. The White House has been championing new climate measures nearly every week. It is trying to build public support around the measures while showing international leaders it can get things done despite opposition from Republicans and industries.

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