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If It’s Summer It Must Be Riot Time!!


New Jersey has a big concert every year called Hot 97 Summer Jam. It’s held in the Met Life Stadium and they reportedly have “problems” every year.

It’s the beginning of summer and it seems to be the kick off riot for the victim community.

The event was sold out and some “fans” tried to force their way in by climbing fences and forcing their way through event security. There were fights between concert-crashers and cops in riot gear. Videos were, of course, posted on social media.

“We saw police arrest a man for no apparent reason.” Ummhmm. Can we expect Rev. Al next?

It was Ferguson/Baltimore revisited.

Janae Griffin, who drove up from Baltimore for the concert but wasn’t able to get inside, said the parking lots outside were chaotic.

“People were throwing bottles across the crowd,” she said. “We got into a confrontation with a guy who was deliberately trying to vandalize a police car and was just making it worse of a situation than it needed to be.”


Eight troopers were injured. One was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center and released, said police.

Cops used pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the crowd rioters.

The situation became so volatile, a CBS2 camera man was forced into his vehicle while police apprehended a man on the ground. 0:41 -1:02

The way they treat us is like animals.”

Well, when you act like animals, you get treated appropriately. Honestly, given that this was a hip-hop concert we’re not surprised at all at the result. It’s all about thug life.

This is going to be a long, hot summer.


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