Headlines prove Obamacare horrors, Mr. President

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Our President recently said: “We haven’t had a lot of conversation about the horrors of Obamacare because none of them have come to pass.”   He needs to read the newspapers, I guess.

Headlines prove Obamacare horrors, Mr. President.  It only makes you look uninformed, or willing to lie to Americans, when you say no horror stories have come to pass.  Perhaps we need to define the word “horror”.


Our President keeps lying to us, of course, not only to pull the wool over the eyes of those who will not seek the truth, but in order to intimidate the Supreme Court to give him his signature program. That intimidation is highly inappropriate, as he is ready once again to condemn the third co-equal branch of government.

Below are just some of the headlines of the last few weeks.  You can Google the headline to read the entire columns.

1)  Breaking News: CareFirst hack attack compromises info for 1.1 million.  [I think we can all agree that this is a horror.]

2)  $200 million Hawaii Obamacare exchange bites the dust   [Maryland, Vermont, Minnesota, and a couple of other state exchanges are also emitting their death rattle.]

3)  Premera seeks 38.7% rate hike for individual health insurance in Alaska

4)  Oregon was forced to close down its Obamacare Exchange—NO ONE would sign up.

5)  ´Successful´ ObamaCare Missed 2015 Enrollment Goal By 22% [Those who did sign up were mostly those receiving taxpayer subsidies.]

6) Miami – In another rebuke of the Obama administration’s efforts to expand health care to the uninsured, Florida’s Republican-led House of Representatives soundly rejected a plan on Friday that state officials said would have covered as many as 650,000 residents. [This would not happen if everything is hunky-dorey.]

7)  Has Obamacare turned young people away from redistribution of income?

8)  Obamacare is Redistribution, Not Reform (said the Wall St. Journal in 2013)

9)  Forbes reported: Obamacare is asking young adults to effectively subsidize the healthcare costs of older Americans. So far, Millennials are resisting this age-based transfer of wealth.

10)  Shocking news: Obamacare still degrading Emergency Room Care. [People are still using expensive emergency rooms at the same rate as before because the co-pays and deductibles for those lucky enough to have insurance are so high that patients are not seeing doctors early on. They are waiting until it is an emergency. Does our government ever consider unintended consequences?]

11)  How a Supreme Court Decision Against Obamacare Could be an Economic Boom

12)   The Blaze reports: If the court rules against the government, 7.7 million individuals will lose their health insurance subsidies. Many of these people had insurance before.
The flipside is that the individual and employer mandates will become unenforceable, the study says. This will prompt companies to hire more people, and give part-time employer more hours. Oh, the glories of a free market and capitalism!

13)  Killing Obamacare Subsidies Could Benefit Millions, Study Finds – Investors Business Daily

President Barack Obama can tell us 1000 times that his signature program is wonderful, and that there are no horrors associated with it, but that does not make it so.

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Obamacare to cover majority of transgender woman’s sex reassignment surgery costs

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