Government Ain’t the Government With No Constitution

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This country’s constitution was designed to provide maximum individual liberty and to limited government power.  At some point, probably when some clever, evil folks decided to amend the constitution and start taxing income, things started to shift. There is some evidence that particular amendment was falsely ratified by the way. At any rate then came the bank failure and the great depression.

That same group of evil clever folks said, come to momma, so to speak. Yes let your government take care of you, and we have been handing over our liberty ever since and some seem to do it gladly.

Now everyone needs help now and again. I relied on many while on the streets and still do everyday. People in neighborhoods and communities used to know and help each other when we were primarily farmers and hunter gatherers’  before that.

Now in a free country that maximizes your liberty, you are free to love and marry any other consenting adult. In my mind that is between the two people and their God or lack of God; does not affect me and my choices one iota.Constitution_burning

Personally I would not look to my church, my local, my state, or my federal government to ratify, condemn or condone my personal choice. The government is now believing they say who can marry? Can they say who can’t at some future point?

Right now this governments army can arrest you without a warrant. There has been some rollback on unwarranted data searches, but they are still collecting it.

They can, in a heart beat, track your phone calls; track your every purchase; track your whereabouts if you use a cell phone; read every sentence you write on the internet; tell you, you must have insurance and tell you where to get it; test your blood and urine at your workplace.

The government can tell you what vaccine your new born must take; tries to tell you what food you can eat and what plant or drug you can ingest. The IRS doesn’t like your politics? To bad for your business, you better have a good attorney.

Now there is a big push to hand our guns over to them too. Believe it or not, I do not think that is too wise. Oh yea, we are also a TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. How do you like them apples?


Our people are all walking around afraid of anyone different from themselves, and the government and media seems to egg them on. This too is a tragedy that can be corrected. It is something you can do something about. Be kind, lend a hand, love somebody, hell love everybody, it is truly the only way to find any peace and any joy.

Let’s build some loving communities who help each other, look out for each other and look to each other in times of distress and not to the government. The government ain’t the government, you are the government, let’s get that straight.

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