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Formerly White NAACP President Wanted to Boycott a Movie Because a White Actor Played Moses


If the left, especially the Race Industry left, didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards. Rachel Dolezal, the recently resigned head of the Spokane NAACP, said in a 2014 interview that a movie should be boycotted because a white actor played Moses.

From her comments she seems to think Moses was black.

She didn’t like Charleton Heston either. Anther white guy playing Moses.

“It’s misrepresentation, and it’s highly offensive to the people that actually were living during that time and also to people today, it’s robbing and shredding their ancestry and history.”

This is especially hypocritical coming from Dolezal, a white woman who cornered the spray tan and afro market in Spokane and decided she was “black.” It’s not known whether she’s retained Elizabeth Fauxcahontis Warren as counsel in the matter of her race change.



Dolezal didn’t stop with just a race change. She produced a string of lies ranging from being born on the plains in a teepee, to acquiring a black “father” and reporting at least nine “hate crimes” that police have dismissed.

The NAACP stands behind Dolezal. Of course they do, they like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson too. They’re big fans of phonys, that’s what the Race Industry is all about. Black Lives Matter, you know. Oh, right, no they don’t.


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