Do You Recall the Chevy Volt? Well, GM Does. They Just Recalled ALL of Them!!

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All of them. Every last one of them still on the road. So if you’re a Chevy Volt owner and the turkey hasn’t caught fire yet, GM wants it back.

When the Volt came out in 2011 GM said they were going to sell 60,000 of them every year in the US. Then there was the European market that would go through the roof. Unfortunately, the idiot who made that prediction probably still makes over $200,000 a year working at Government Motors.


A mystical announcement was released by GM last Friday, right around close of business, to the effect that they would be recalling the Volts made for model years 2011 through 2013. It’s a small problem, not like catching on fire or anything, just a little problem that if you let it idle too long it may kill you.

But hey, what do you expect, it was designed for the Obama administration and it’s built by the United Auto Workers. A lot like the hundreds of thousands of cars that GM sold with an ignition switch that would automatically shut off if you had too much weight on your key ring. That was until a lot of people. And GM covered it up until US Treasury managed to dump their stock.

If you got a volt and you forget to turn the vehicle off, it runs the battery down, then starts the engine, which produces carbon monoxide gas, which in an enclosed area will kill you.

There has been no announcement from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the problem. To date to injuries have been reported because of this issue, and since GM paid chump-change in fines for the ignition switch that actually killed people we don’t expect any action.

Has this happened to a non-union automobile manufacturer they would likely be looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in fines. Barack takes care of his friends.

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