Death Penalty Could Be Used In Case of Georgia Woman Who Aborted Her Baby

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Last Saturday night, when most people are usually watching the game, a new release, or even out with friends, Georgia resident, Kenlissa Jones begged her neighbor to drive her to the local Emergency room.

Jones, a 23-year-old mother of a young son, had taken Cytotec, an abortion pill she purchased through online channels.

kenlissa-jones of GA

But Cytotec is only safe in the first trimester of pregnancy, and Jones was over five months pregnant, well into the second trimester. After a self induced labor, Jones delivered the baby in the neighbor’s car, and it died after half an hour in the hospital. Jones was promptly charged with malice murder under Georgia law, a conservative state where most citizens strongly favor obstacles to abortion and oppose late term abortion.  The malice murder charge in the Peach State is punishable by death or life imprisonment.

 Jones is not the first woman to be prosecuted for attempting to abort her own fetus. Jennie Lynn McCormack, an Idaho woman who, like Jones, took abortion pills in her second trimester, was later arrested for it. (McCormack wound up suing Idaho and knocking down its anti-abortion laws in court.) The details of these cases are unfortunate and both pro-choice and anti-abortion groups are shying away from them as they are likely not wanting to be linked to these women in any way.
Here are the facts about abortion in America today: 43 states prohibit some abortions after a certain point in pregnancy.
  •  21 states impose prohibitions at fetal viability.
  •  3 states impose prohibitions in the third trimester.
  •  19 states impose prohibitions after a certain number of weeks; 11 of these states ban abortion at 20 weeks post-fertilization or its equivalent of 22 weeks after the woman’s last menstrual period on the grounds that the fetus can feel pain at that point in gestation.
The circumstances under which later abortions are permitted vary from state to state:
  • 26 states permit later abortions to preserve the life or health of the woman.
  • 13 states unconstitutionally ban later abortions, except those performed to save the life or physical health of the woman.
  • 4 states unconstitutionally limit later abortions to those performed to save the life of the woman.
  • Some states require the involvement of a second physician when a later-term abortion is performed.
  • 13 states require that a second physician attend the procedure to treat a fetus if it is born alive in all or some circumstances.
  • 9 states unconstitutionally require that a second physician certify that the abortion is medically necessary in all or some circumstances.



Murder Charge Dropped in Ga. Abortion Pill Case
A Georgia prosecutor says he has dismissed murder charges against a 23-year-old woman accused of inducing an abortion by taking pills.

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