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Dad Goes to Daycare to Pick Up Daughter… Catches Worker Doing the UNTHINKABLE


A Washington State father got the worst kind of shock when he arrives at her daycare to pick her up. The last thing any parent wants to EVER see is their child being hurt or victimized, and this father saw both.

In a story too close to my home for comfort, a horrific crime against an innocent child was committed, in a daycare that was entrusted with her care. Absolutely disgusting and horrible:


The unnamed father of a 5-year-old girl, showed up at the Kid’s Country childcare center in Normandy Park, looking for his child. He found her in a classroom crouched behind a bookshelf, but she wasn’t playing a game of hide-and-seek, and to the father’s horror, his little girl wasn’t alone. A 31-year-old male teacher was there, caught in the act of raping the child when her father walked into the room and saw it, the local Fox affiliate reported.

The unnamed teacher jumped with a start, as any pervert who was caught assaulting an innocent child would do, and quickly spouted off a lame excuse to cover up what he was doing. He allegedly told the girl’s dad that he and the child were just in the middle of an innocent game of “tickle fight,” which evidently had to happen out of sight from all others at the center. But the victim, who is described as very bright and articulate, told an entirely different tale about what was really going on, which was anything but innocent fun.

Amazingly, the father left the daycare center without implementing instant justice on the child rapist, simply putting his violated daughter in the car, and he called Child Protective Services and police, which shows incredible restraint after the horrific scene he just witnessed. Normandy Park Police arrived and arrested the perpetrator, and CPS interviewed the young victim, who told her alarming side of the story.

According to the girl, her teacher touched her inappropriately, and she told police he had raped her. It’s surprising she even knew the word at her age, but what she said next certainly validates the claim. In her interview, the victim described that the teacher touched her beneath her underwear, but when the pedophile was asked by police about it, he told them those touches were an accident. A hand slipping on private parts, especially past clothing and undergarments, is not an accident.

This a**hole derves to be locked up for the rest of his natural life. I can’t believe the father was able to restrain himself, cause I would be hard pressed not to pull my gun out of my purse and blow this creep to kingdom come. I hope to GOD the system actually works and keeps him where he belongs, locked up and making license plates or cleaning trash off the highway until he is hit by a passing motorist that recognizes him. Burn in hell, you rotten son of a gun.

H/T: Mad World News
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