Claim Your Unity With Christ, No Really

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Now the more you get into that unified spot and dwell in that peace, you more you are going to heal your mind, and your emotions, your physical health will improve too.

It does take time

All right folks, God Bless you. Hobo John here and we are going to go deep into the metaphysics this Sunday. Hobo Metaphysics that is, but let’s start with the Bible.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within,” Christ tells us, yet many Christians believe they have to wait for death to experience a state of being at one with our creator and Christ. ,However as I just pointed out Christ tells us differently.


During my seventh year on the streets I came out of my great depression and back into the light, so to speak.

I did it mostly by wandering around looking at  Texas wildflowers over a three week period. 

I had done a lot of self-examination and challenging of my fears over the years and the joy the wildflowers produced helped me shed a lot of fear and pain for good.

One beautiful spring morning, during that time, I woke up as usual on the concrete behind a shopping mall in Mansfield Texas. For a few brief moments I was completely out of fear or any kind of negative emotion and in a state of complete peace and joy; it was very quiet by the way, in what I assume was heaven.  At any rate after a few moments I returned to my normal state of mind, and immediately started singing Amazing Grace.

Notice how I use the words, “state of mind” well, most of our minds are trained to believe our fears are real, that we are sinners, that we are no good etc.

We also have a few untrue messages instilled in us. Some of mine are: I can’t do anything right, everything bad that happens is somehow my fault, feeling sorry for myself is a well and good thing to do, people are not to be trusted. That is the short list and I am sure I have a few I have not uncovered yet.

Well a while after that moment behind the mall, I started writing Hobo Metaphysics. One of the first that came to me felt like it came from somewhere else, in other words it was not a thought I was used to thinking.

The thought was, “there is no separation.” Now based on that thought and my experience that got me singing Amazing Grace I came up with one of my first metaphysics. “There is no separation between you and God, you only think there is.

I use my mantra, I love you with everything that I have, to retain my mind. So when I get to feeling sorry for myself, or am gossiping about someone or I am angry with someone, I use it to change how I think about myself and others. I very good practice and I would recommend it to anyone.

But another method and perhaps one easier and more true, is to sit quietly and claim your oneness with Christ or God. Get to a quiet space and say something to the effect of Christ let me feel our unity, our Christ, remove my feeling of separateness.

Now if you go into it with the idea it is impossible, ain’t nothing going to happen. But if you go into with the idea that when Christ said, “I am in you and you are in me,” he was telling the truth, well then you have a chance to find some authentic peace and joy in your life. That verse is in John 14:20 by the way.

“You must be born again,” Christ tells us this earlier in John. He is talking the rebirth into spirit, into your unity with him, so to speak.


Now the more you get into that unified spot and dwell in that peace, you more you are going to heal your mind, and your emotions, your physical health will improve too.

It does take time and patience, but over time those old mind habits, like feeling sorry for yourself, judging others, believing you suck, will all die away and you will truly be reborn into your authentic heaven dwelling self, right here on earth.

Trust me patience is the key. I  flipped some poor fella off just today. He was driving too close to my girlfriends car and had the gall to honk at her for doing nothing wrong. For a second there I was ready to kick his ass, but I cooled down quicker than usual, thanks to these practices I have been telling you about.

Now one of the reasons Christ got in trouble was that he claimed his unity with God. People did not want to hear it or believe it, God Bless them. It is safe to believe and think like those around you, tends to make people like the Pharisees real happy with you. Christ chose to think as God taught him, which made him way different then those folks persecuting him.

So what is going to be? Are you going to think and believe your peer group, your family group, your church group or like Christ?

Hobo John here, I love you with everything that I have. Claim your unity if you dare.



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