Brian Kolfage Settles Lawsuit with Online Trolls Calling Themselves “Goats”

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If you’ve been a conservative for more than five seconds, you’ll know that the amount of online harassment and trolling is absurd.

One man, Brian Kolfage, learned that better than anyone when  he found himself the target of “Bustatroll” and his minions.

Giffords Veteran

Last year, Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, a conservative activist and owner of, filed a lawsuit against seven of the alleged trolls. The lawsuit alleged assault, slander and libel against Kolfage. Kolfage, who lost both legs and one arm in Iraq in 2004, became a frequent target of the goats and trolls online according to A 2014 article on Citizens-News preserves screen shots of some of the abusive postings directed at Kolfage and his wife.

Brian Kolfage

The harassment allegedly even extended to harassment of the Kolfages and their relatives at home, school and work.

Kolfage took up a lawsuit against several of the alleged trolls.

Court documents reveal that five of the seven recently reached an agreement with Kolfage and his wife. The settlement agreement was reached between the Kolfages and Nathanial Downes of Puyallup, WA; Justine Grant of North Fort Myers, FL; Paul Loebe of Nashville, TN; John Prager of Wheeling, WV; and Kenneth Vanderzanden of Beaverton, Oregon. Three of these defendants are reportedly bloggers for Addicting Info, a popular liberal site.

Two defendants, Louis Caponecchia of Toledo, OH and Darren Remington of Nashville, TN, did not join in the settlement. The lawsuit against these defendants is still proceeding.

The settlement dismissed the lawsuit while keeping in place that the agreement that both parties basically leave each other alone, and don’t use others to contact or disparage the others. Story continues below:



They also agreed to remove any and all disparaging remarks within their ability to do so. Shortly after the settlement conference, the defendants filed a motion to reconsider, but were shot down by the Kolfage’s motions to enforce the settlement agreement.

One of the defendants had this to say: “Kolfage will never win, nor get one penny. And when its [sic] over, I’m going to punch Brian Kolfage in the face numerous times, and laugh as he flails his one arm around, screaming for help.”

It would appear that not everyone is happy with the settlement, judging from some of the comments on the Examiner article about the same lawsuit.


lecterOne commenter even posted screenshots allegedly from Brian Kolfage Sr., trying to discredit the family.

lancasterI have personally seen how these “goats” go after people they don’t agree with, and it’s with disgusting vigor that they attempt to destroy them using anonymity via social media. Whether or not these people are the actual trolls is up for debate, but I believe those behind the needless harassment should be brought to justice. If you can claim “injury to feelings” because someone won’t make you a cake, certainly these people qualify for a lawsuit.

Read an incredible letter from Brian to President Obama HERE: 


The letter went crazy viral and continues to do so. If you haven’t read it – do so – you’ll be glad you did.


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