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Bill Nye the “Science Guy” is an Idiot. Gets Called Out by Real Scientists


Bill Nye the Science Guy has been around forever. He’s famous for his science kids TV show that introduced lots of kids to science.

He’s gone to hell in a handcart in his old age.

This month he and the President took Air Force One on a little trip to promote fighting climate change. The White House documented the trip with a video.

We choked on the “I’m a patriot” part of that little speech. What does that have to do with anything?

The President and Nye are all hopped up about climate change. Obama says it’s our number one national security concern. We guess Hillary polished off the Russians and fixed the Middle East when she was Secretary of State. Anyway, with respect to climate change, the President and Mr. Nye simply reek of hypocrisy on this subject.

The 1,836-mile roundtrip will consume 9,180 gallons of fuel on Air Force One, according to CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller. And that’s just the president’s plane.

There will a half-dozen support planes along for the trip, Marine One helicopters, and a 25- to 30-vehicle motorcade belching exhaust into the air.

Personally, we’ll get concerned about climate change when those who say they’re concerned start acting like it.

Bill Nye isn’t resting on his Presidential video laurels. No sir. He’s busy finding stuff to blame on global warming climate change.


Floods in Texas, Alaska on fire. Oh my!

Mr. Nye got some feedback on this one. From scientists.

Nye’s extreme weather claims and hype over Tropical Storm Bill come on the heels of news reports that the U.S. has been in the midst of a 10-year “hurricane drought.” For nearly a decade, no Category 3 or higher hurricanes have made landfall in the U.S., and there’s been no upward trend in other natural disasters like tornadoes, droughts or wildfires. Even a meteorology student at Pennsylvania State University and independent weather forecasters out of New Jersey criticized Nye for harming the scientific debate on global warming.

Bill should consider marrying Algore. In keeping with today’s trend on “trans” they’re both “TransScientist” or maybe even “TransSmart.”


Today’s hard lesson, just because you think it’s so, doesn’t make it so.


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