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Bill Clinton Wants Your Guns Because the Black Community is Like Bosnia


Bill Clinton made a campaign stop for Hillary at CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. Jake Tapper asked him about the problems in Baltimore.

Tapper actually alluded to the fact that Baltimore is run by Democrats, Clinton avoided that part of the question.

bill clintonThe Clintons – and all Democrats – will avoid the fact that Baltimore has been run by increasingly Progressive, and increasingly black, Democrats since 1968. If the citizens of Baltimore are looking for a scapegoat they really need look no further than their current Mayor, current City Council, current State’s Prosecutor, or their current representatives in the House. They’re all Progressive Democrats and they’re all black.

But Bill was working overtime on Sunday, he even managed to blame guns for Baltimore’s problems.

Let’s start with Bill’s big lie.

“You can’t have people walking around with guns. I used to tell people when we did Bosnia, Kosovo, anything like that: You get enough people with weapons around, and there will be unintended consequences. People make mistakes. People do wrong. Things happen.”

No Mr. Clinton that’s not true. In fact, in keeping with your history, that’s a flat out lie. First of all, let’s look at gun ownership rate in the US. According to Pew Research whites are twice as likely to own a gun than blacks. 41% of whites have a firearm in their home while only 20% of blacks do.

According to Mr. Clinton’s logic the murder rate in the white community should be at least twice as high as it is in the black community. Here’s what the murder rate looks like.


The line on the bottom represents the white murder rate, the line at the top is the black murder rate. For whites the murder rate is consistently below 5 per 100K people. For blacks, while the rate has dropped dramatically from the 90s, it’s still six times higher than for whites.

So much for having people “walking around with guns.”

The problem, Mr. Clinton, is the second part of your statement. You compare, inadvertently, the civil war in Bosnia and Kosovo with the black community. That’s probably an apt comparison, although the “civil war” going on in Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, and any major inner city, is a black-on-black war. It’s not really a “civil war” because that would likely be black-on-white and if that happens there won’t likely be a black community to discuss.

The problem that the Clinton’s – and Democrats in general – want to ignore is that black lives don’t matter at all. And the place they don’t matter the most is in the inner-city. In the “black community.”

They don’t matter there because the party of the Clintons have pursued “solutions” to poverty for the last 50 years that have destroyed black families and rended what was once a vibrant community in the real sense into a ghetto in every major city.

The real question is, Will blacks ever hold Democrats responsible and seek real solutions?

We’re not hopeful.


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