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Best. Nutcase. Interview. EVER! Going Viral as We Speak | Video


Do you remember Antoine Dodson? Sure, you do, he is the Huntsville, Alabama native whose interview with a local news reporter after the attempted rape of his sister made him an internet viral sensation.

Still don’t remember him? Try this, “Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your husband, ‘cuz they rapin’ everybody up in here!”

Now, from the same corner of the ‘net comes this random looking gentleman… He witnessed a horrible traffic accident involving a police officer in Jackson, Mississippi.

See for yourself why he too, has gone viral:

C’mon – you gotta laugh…


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Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.


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